How the auctions work

Items for bid on the Titan World Wide Auctions website will be available for five days. In those five days, you will be able to decide how much you wish to bid. This is a private auction meaning every member is allowed ONLY one bid per item, or else will be disqualified from purchasing the item. Private auctions mean that all bids by members will not be shown to anyone else. This is done for a few reasons. First off, it eliminates last minute bidders bidding a dollar to outbid you and win the item. Private auctions also eliminate people getting caught up in an auction and over spending. Private auctions will allow the bidder to bid whatever price they feel comfortable in bidding on that item. Finally, some items can be up to and exceed over $10,000, and Titan World Wide Auctions feels that bids that high should be private and not public knowledge.

At the end of the auction the winning bidder will be notified that their bid is the highest. Bids do not cost the customers any money so if you do not have the highest bid for a particular item, it does not cost the customer anything.