Message from CEO

I created this company so that everyone has a fair opportunity to be able to purchase memorabilia from their favorite athlete, movie star, musician, or artist. Whether you are an avid collector wishing to build on your collection, just starting out as a collector, or just happen to see an item that you are interested in, Titan World Wide Auctions has something for everybody. I want everyone to have the opportunity to own any item they choose without being outbid at the last second by a dollar. Being a private auction company will make it fair to everyone, your bid is completely private and confidential. Why is that important? For one, it may give you a strategy in how you decide your bids, if other customers pick up on your strategy, they may outbid you by a few dollars every time. Also, some items may sell for upwards of $10,000 and not everybody needs to know how much you spent on an item, it’s your money and your business how much you want to spend.

I hope to get the website up and running as soon as I can so that everyone can start bidding and enjoying all of the items for bid on the website. The items for sale will not disappoint and will be well worth the wait. If you have any questions, comments, or want to be updated on when the website may open or even get an idea of some of the items that may be for auction in the first few weeks of auction, please email us at:



CEO of Titan World Wide Auctions