Rules and Regulations

Here is a list of the rules of the Titan World Wide Auctions. Please be familiar with all rules before any bidding takes place:

Each customer is allowed only one bid per item. Any customer that submits more than one bid on an item will be disqualified from purchasing that item.

Customers are allowed to place one bid on more than one item for auction if they wish.

You MUST be registered as a Titan World Wide Auctions member before you are allowed to participate in the auctions.

By placing a bid, the customer is legally obligated to purchase that item. This is to eliminate “fake bids” and keeps the auction fair to all customers. There will be no hidden or extra fees on any item; all shipping prices will be listed with the item.

Try to avoid placing generic rounded bids such as $100, $250. Remember there can be thousands of people bidding on an item. If you wish to bid say $100 on an item, try placing a bid of $103 or $97 to avoid multiple customers placing the exact bid.

In the result that there is more than one member with the highest bid, the bidders will be notified and given the option of placing a counter bid. This will be the ONLY time a customer may choose to withdraw from the auction. The highest counter bid will then win the item. If there is two bidders with the exact highest bid and one customer decides to withdraw from the item, regardless of what the counter bid is from the other customer, that bidder will get the item at the ORIGINAL bid he or she submitted. Again, with counter bids, try to avoid nice round numbers. If for some chance all highest bidders withdraw from the auction as a result of a tie, the item will not be purchased and will go back into the auction on a later date.

Titan World Wide Auctions will be responsible for all items shipped. Any damage that may occur as a result of shipping, the customer will get a complete refund.

A winner bid must complete the transaction within 7 days of the auction ending. If payment cannot be made within that 7 day period, the customer can contact Titan World Wide Auctions and make payment arrangements.

If the item exceeds $1000, the customer will have the opportunity to arrange for payment plans with Titan World Wide Auctions.

Any item purchased exceeding $1000, the customer may put shipping insurance on the item.

If a customer wishes to change their bid (either increase it or lower it) during the span of the auction, they will have to contact Titan World Wide Auctions to arrange to possibly retract the original bid with the newer bid. Note that Titan World Wide Auctions may not always be able to do this in fairness to other bidders, so please take your time and submit the bid that fits you.

Customers will be able to auction off their own items via Titan World Wide Auctions. There will be more information on this later.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, please contact us at: